1. Don't Waste My Time

  2. Back in Time (Night Mixes)
    Xera Vera

  3. lau.ra - Wicked (Remixes)

  4. Wicked (feat. Eliza Legzdina)

  5. Melbourne Street
    Meg Ward

  6. Leaving Home

  7. Elay's Melody

  8. Chi a Chi / Delightful
    Mr Morek

  9. Get Creative (Cousn Remix)

  10. Get Creative

  11. Mutual Feelin'
    Somethin' Sanctified

  12. NWM002 (Free Download)

  13. Jackie Brown
    Alfa Cornae

  14. Dima
    Joseph Ashworth

  15. Paripe / Tusk

  16. Sideways

  17. Needwant X
    Various Artists

  18. Insides
    Iain Howie

  19. Missing Love (Musumeci Remix)
    The Mekanism

  20. One by One (The Remixes)
    Age is a Box

  21. Our Religion Is Truth (Sean Brosnan's Shake It Mix)
    Age is a Box

  22. Kiya

  23. Glass EP
    Res Mo

  24. One By One LP
    Age is a Box

  25. Mountain
    Age is a Box

  26. Don't Argue

  27. Shooting on the Radio (Koelle Remix)
    Age is a Box

  28. One by One (Curses Mixes)
    Age is a Box

  29. One by One (Single)
    Age is a Box

  30. Living & Dying (Joseph Ashworth Remix)
    Iain Howie

  31. Odo Island

  32. Rush (Sobek Remixes)
    Age is a Box

  33. Living & Dying
    Iain Howie

  34. Needwant Kollect 2.0
    Various Artists

  35. Rush
    Age is a Box

  36. To Forget (Whitesquare Remix)
    Iain Howie

  37. Moving Through Clouds EP

  38. To Forget (Single)
    Iain Howie

  39. Pleasuredome Continuum EP
    Kim Brown

  40. Needwant: Kollect – Balearic & Other Shades of Sunset

  41. The Dancing Plague EP
    Johannes Albert

  42. Revelation EP

  43. Needwant : Kollect
    Various Artists

  44. Primary Colours
    Primary Colours

  45. Boarders of Soul EP

  46. Typhon EP

  47. Porcelain EP
    Few Nolder

  48. Colour Theory EP
    Akasha System

  49. The Collection

  50. Hopeful (Reprise & Remixes)

  51. VIMES - Rudal (Reprise & Remix)

  52. Aimless EP

  53. Delta EP
    Kris Davis

  54. One Ep
    Few Nolder

  55. 0400 EP
    Little Boy With Glasses

  56. All You Got EP
    Koelle & Elli

  57. Puma EP
    Joseph Ashworth

  58. Grain LP
    Joseph Ashworth

  59. Cork EP
    Joseph Ashworth

  60. Needwant: 5 Years
    Various Artists

  61. Playground EP
    Life Beyond Earth

  62. Celestial (Reprise) & Remixes EP

  63. Batteries Not Included EP
    Kim Brown

  64. Holding On Feat. Vanity Jay
    James Fox

  65. Mayfly EP

  66. Together EP

  67. 3two5 EP
    Bonar Bradberry

  68. Bill EP
    Mario Basanov

  69. Never Again EP
    Urulu & Chaos In The CBD

  70. I Wanna Know EP
    Casino Times

  71. Return It EP
    Kim Ann Foxman

  72. Horizon EP

  73. We Could Love EP
    Mark E ft. Robert Owens

  74. Can't Believe EP
    The Mekanism

  75. We Are Child Of Love EP
    Mario Basanov

  76. You Were Away EP
    Bonar Bradberry

  77. Make Or Break EP
    Maxxi Soundsystem

  78. Back On Track - Nicholas: Nu Groove
    Various Artists

  79. One Body Interpretations EP
    Robert Owens

  80. How Do You Feel? EP
    Max Essa

  81. Lonely Days EP
    Mario Basanov

  82. Always EP

  83. Up EP
    Mario Basanov

  84. Suila Grande EP
    Bonar Bradberry

  85. Keep On Dreaming EP
    Massimiliano Pagliara

  86. Love Saves The Day EP
    Kaine Feat. Kathy Diamond

  87. Satjam EP
    Sean Brosnan

  88. Just Be Good To Me EP
    The Revenge feat. Danielle Moore

  89. Vicious EP


Needwant UK

Musical happenings that find you.

Since 2009.

Roster includes: The Revenge, Maxxi Soundsystem, Ejeca, Joseph Ashworth, Johannes Albert, Kim Brown and more.

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